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DC 12-24v 6a led volt Controller RGB

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  • Brand name:Bincolor
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Product details
  • Brand name:Bincolor

Constant current 350ma 1-10v 0-10v led dimmer driver



BC-380-6A series   RGB controller is a unique DIY version aswell as a powerful combination that can control 

color changes of LED lights with 4-pin 3-loop cables (common anode), built-in 18 modes with touchfunctional 

buttons, provided with IR wireless remote control panel, users can control color changes of LED light by pressing 

the button on the controller or on the remote control panel, very users friendly.


Product Parameter

 Input voltage 
 Max Current load
 Max load power 
 Scale levels
 256 level/ch*3
 Working temperature
 Product Dimension 
3 channel 
 Remote control 
RF remote  up to 60m 


Feature function 


1.  Automatic switch from DC12V-DC24V;

2.  With21 Buttons IR Wireless remote control, reliable control distance can reach as far as 10m;

3. Several DIY Storage Buttons, to record your favorite modes ;

4.  0-100%dimming and 16 levels of static brightness per RGB, can mix 4096 colors.

5. 3-Channel RGB full color control, maximum outputs 6A per Channel.

6. 4096 Grey scales per RGB, color-smooth effect is gentle and accurate.

7. Can choose changing speed separately and adjust the brightness of each mode.

8. Can stop at current color and color brightness by selecting PAUSE function.

9. Working with our BC-960, can expand power unlimitedly.



1) Connected to LED strip as an sample :

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