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DIND MX512 1CH Constant Voltage decoder

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  • Brand name:Bincolor
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  • Brand name:Bincolor

?Brief Introduction


Welcome to use the Constant Voltage DMX512 Decoderwhich is developed only for constant voltage LED lamps. It adopted advancedmicro-computer control technology to transfer standard DMX512/1990 signal toPWM signal. One channel output, max 10A output each channel, 4096 Grey Scales.It can be used as DMX512 master or as DMX decoder to connect computerizeddigital output console with analog silicon case and controls LED lamps ofarchitecture and lighting.


?                             Specifications





1CH  Constant Voltage decoder


Input  voltage




Max load  current




Max Output  Power




Grey Scale


4096  levels×1


Input  Signal




Output  Signal


Constant  Voltage PWM


Decode  Channel




DMX512  socket


Terminal  Block                             






Weight  (G.W)






1. Automatically adapts input voltageDC12V-24V.

2. Input standard DMX512 signal;3-digital-display shows DMX address code.

3. 1 channels output; 4096 grey scaleseach; logarithmic dimming; lamplight soft & stable without strobe flash.

4. DMX Master mode, slave mode available.

5. Built-in 8 color changing modes and 10speed scales.

6. Indicator of the DMX512 signal receivingstatus.

7. Power loss memory function.

8. Wrong wiring protection at DMX port, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection.

9. The DIN rail style design facilitatesthe installation of large-scale projects.


This product with two kinds of DMX512 socket, Terminal block and RJ45

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